We have a lot of fun at Deep Roots Dance. But don’t take our word for it; check out our glowing reviews from around the web. Want to add your own review? Please submit your thoughts anytime!

I just want to thank you for the tremendous resource that is the DRD website! As a one of a small group of beginning ATS students whose teachers have recently gone on indefinite hiatus, I find myself returning again and again to your site, reading through the blogs, following links, enjoying the videos and just feeling grateful for all the hard work you must put into what you do. Your love of the dance is abundantly evident.  With much gratitude


Shay, for all your knowledge, your grasp of dance, and your grace in movement, it’s your love of teaching that touches my heart the most. We live in such a selfish society, it’s wonderful to be exposed to someone who recognizes that the gifts they possess are more valuable when they’ve been shared with others. You, my dear, are a wonderful teacher, and selfless treasure!

R. - Seattle, WA

5-starsShay is perfect for beginners and experienced. I saw Shay dance and took a workshop from her when I was still finding out what tribal bellydance was.  She has a way of breaking the moves down so that everyone can get it.  Her classes are fun and she tries to get to know you rather than just teach you which makes you feel wanted there.  She plays fun music and makes you want to move even if you feel like a slug that day.  Anyone interested in tribal bellydance should definitely check out her classes and you may get hooked. 

jmyfromasu - Seattle, WA (TeachStreet)

5-starsTribal instruction at it’s finest! Shay has a true gift for teaching, and a true gift for tribal bellydance…put the two together and a magical class is born!  Her style is very warm and welcoming, and her instruction very clear and precise.  She is a wonderful teacher that I recommend highly to anyone interested in dipping their toes in tribal improv!


Erika H.

5-starsI was a student of Shay’s for many years and some of my best memories have stemmed from her classes!!

I encourage anyone interested in giving bellydance a try to check out her classes. Shay has a wonderful way of presenting information and creates a safe and fun learning environment for women of all ages. Her dedication to the dance and her students is inspiring! I could not imagine my life without the presence of bellydance in it!

Erika H. - Seattle, WA

5-starsSharon rocks! Sharon is an amazingly talented and inspiring dancer. She is a knowledgeable and incredibly insightful teacher. Her classes are upbeat and energizing. She teaches you how to dance for your body, and how to make each movement your own. Dancers from very beginners to advanced students will find Sharon’s classes welcoming, challenging, and fun!


5-starshawesome! i’d taken a year of traditional bellydance before moving to seattle & wanted to start up again but i had no idea what this “tribal” business was all about.  i didn’t want to be involved in drum circles or touching someone’s 3rd eye or anything else.

i have to admit, i chose shay’s class purely on time & location but boy howdy, am i glad i did.  first of all, shay is gorgeous dancer who is both inspiring but also encouraging.  her teaching is style is very friendly, relaxed, & approachable &, dammit, she’s just a delightful person. 

i highly recommend her beginning class.  if anyone can make the material accessible, it’s shay. 

nakaj - Seattle, WA (TeachStreet)

5-starsNO FEAR! I’m finding Shay’s class remarkable in the sense that I don’t feel scared or dumb…even though I’m really new at this tribal thing.  The class is challenging, but she presents the curriculum in such a way that I don’t feel nervous or overwhelmed. Beyond dance, she’s actually teaching dance theory, and I feel myself getting grounded in the movements and vocabulary as time goes on.  Highly recommended, no matter what your experience level! Pros: Helpful, Engaging, Encouraging, Smart, Patient, Funny, Fun, Good communicator Cons:


Elisa B.

5-starsI used to drive from Olympia to take Sharon’s class every Monday. Unfortunately my schedule conflicts with her classes now, but the drive is oh-so-worth it. Sharon is an exceptional and generous teacher. She means business, but she also makes the class fun, creating a very supportive environment.  I so wish I could go back!

Elisa B. - Olympia, WA

5-starsSharon’s Awesomeness. I’m the type of person who gets frustrated with something i’m not good at right away and takes practice to get better at……and bellydance happens to fall into both of these categories for me!
With that said, it’s been almost 3 years since i started studying with Sharon 🙂

Coming to Sharon as a baby dancer (from out of state, and by recommendation of my dance teacher at that time) I felt extremely welcome in her classes.

Sharon is a wealth of information and inspiration. She teaches to accommodate all level of dancers in a non-competitive, fun environment, and encourages making the dance your own.
Studying with Sharon and all the other amazing women who take her classes has brought a joy to my life that i can’t imagine ever living without!

Akire - Seattle, WA (TeachStreet)

5-starsSerendipity.  For anyone interested in American Tribal Style bellydance I can’t encourage you enough to check out classes with Shay at Deep Roots Dance.  Shay is a wonderfully fun, encouraging and inspiring teacher.  I started taking classes with her a few months ago and feel that she is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had the luck to stumble upon.  You can tell this woman is incredibly skilled and talented and loves what she does.  It’s a wonderful and varied group of people she teaches as well, women of all shapes, sizes, skill-levels, and ages (high school students through senior citizens), everyone is welcome here!  The space she teaches in at M’Illumino in Roosevelt is a lovely and very zen feeling dance center.  The spot on Phinney Ridge, at the Phinney Neighborhood center has an absolutely huge dance space.  Both are great places to dance.  Give Tribal dancing a try with Shay, you won’t be sorry.

Branda R.

5-starsI had never taken a belly dance class in my life (especially ATS), and was totally nervous about starting, especially because my previous dance experience didn’t allow waggles and shimmies!

Thankfully, I met Shay.

She is a DELIGHTFUL instructor –She makes a genuine and earnest effort to help “disarm” a lot of newbie woes, AND makes class a total joy with her abilities (seriously, an AMAZING dancer), warm smile, and sense of humor.

Classes are the highlight of my week, even when I struggle — and really, that’s the important thing, I suppose; If this stuff was easy, no one would need help. Thankfully Shay shines in that area especially well, — she encourages students to speak up about how their struggling and provides some awesome visualizations to help you improve. Not only that, her website and blog offer lots of tips, motivators, and perspectives to keep you informed and going.

There is a lot to love about these classes — the body positive atmosphere, the teaching style, the energy, I really can’t say enough.

If you’re thinking of joining, starting up again, continuing, or are just plain curious, Shay is a wonderful resource for all!


Nancy M.

5-starsI had never been a dancer before I started taking classes with Shay. In fact, I’d never been very good at any physical skills. Since then, Shay has been able to help me open up and enjoy working with my body. She’s as an enthusiastic and caring of an instructor that I could ask for. I can have pretty much as much or as little personal attention as I need. On top of that, Shay has a particular strength for explaining skills in a variety of ways so that if I don’t get it the first explanation I might get one of the others. The environment she has created for learning is very inviting. The women are of all body types and ages so no one feels singled out.

Dancing at Deeps Roots has been a hugely rewarding experience for me. If you’re looking to give ATS a try or looking for a new group of people to dance with, definitely come give her a try.

Nancy M.

5-starsI cannot say enough good things about Shay Moore and her classes – I have been studying tribal fusion bellydance with Shay for over 5 years and it is hands-down one the most fun and enriching experiences I have been involved with.  Shay is an excellent teacher – her style is warm, supportive, encouraging and playful, and she strives to break things down in a way that everyone can understand.  She is very approachable, and she works hard to get to know her students and connect with them, and as such has created a wonderful sense of community in her classes.  If you have ever thought about giving belly dance a try, I highly recommend Shay Moore.

Amy B


5-starsI’ve taken numerous classes from Shay and she is the best belly dance teacher in the area!  I’ve tried other teachers up north and have not been satisfied.  While I’m no longer a student I still miss classes with Sharon!

She is so patient and has a way of explaining moves that are easy to understand.  If you can’t do a certain move she is quick to help you and find a new way.

I would highly recommend trying a class with Sharon…you will love it!


5-starsI was hesitant to join the class because I have never danced before.  I’m self conscious about my dancing skills but by the end of the first class I had no reservations.  Shay was encouraging and patient with me and all the other students.  I felt like we had the perfect time to spend on each movement we learned.  By the end of the course I felt more confident in my ability to dance. Also, my career is high stress and coming to this class after work was a breath of fresh air.  It was nice to put my worries from the day away and focus on myself and be around friends. I would strongly recommend taking this class!

Heidi P. - Seattle, WA (TeachStreet)

Melly B.

5-starsBelly dance: a form of movement that has been around for thousands of years- a graceful and sensual expression of the female form.. unless you are born with 2 left feet and completely uncoordinated like me!
I had tried several kinds of dance before I came to find Shay and Deep Roots Dance. It is the most non-intimidating class I have been to- from the cozy neighborhood center it is held in to the way that Shay teaches and really breaks down and drills each move. It really helps that she has someone to demonstrate so we can follow along and we also cover other belly dance related topics such as music, costuming and events- it is obvious this lady IS tribal belly dance. And if you’ve never done tribal-style before, it is great for the “shy” types and building confidence to dance with others. If you live in the neighborhood or even across town, come and check her out!!

Melly B. - Seattle, WA

Shay is a good teacher. That is what I need and we all need. I’m excited for the upcoming classes.

S. - Seattle, WA (LivingSocial)

You’re an excellent dancer – the best one I’ve had for dance. You have a natural ability to teach dancing – keep it up!

C&T Fan - Seattle, WA (Cues & Tattoos participant)

Wow! What a fun time I had seeing you dance, hanging out with you on Saturday night, and most importantly, learning from you on Sunday. I’d heard what a great teacher you are, Sharon, and for once, the rumor mill was true.

Ali of n.o.madic tribal - New Orleans, LA

Your workshops were the best I took at 3rd Coast this year. I really enjoyed your style of teaching, and I really felt that “conversation” element you mentioned at the beginning of each workshop. I am often so intimidated by instructors that I ask very few questions during a workshop, but you created such a positive and warm environment that asking questions seemed like a natural extension of the lesson. And you added something I haven’t seen in a workshop in a while- lots and lots of F-U-N! I haven’t laughed and “played” in dance like that in a long, long time. Thank you!


5-starsFantastic and Welcoming Bellydance Classes! From the first moment I stepped into Sharon’s class some four years ago, I felt both safe and welcome. Sharon creates a fun, positive, and supportive atmosphere to learn this beautiful dance form. Her dedication to her students is very clear through her vast knowledge of dance, her ability to teach the movements, and in the gentle and personal guidance that she offers each student. Though I came from a background with very little experience in dance, Sharon helped me to understand movement and music and develop into a confident dancer. All the while I’ve made many wonderful friends in her classes. Give it a try, you won’t regret it!

Seatowngrown - Seattle, WA (TeachStreet)

5-starsSharon is rad. Sharon is an outstanding instructor and director with an incredible gift for sharing her knowledge, experience and philosophy with others.  Her creative style of teaching makes learning tribal fun and accessible; I had no dance background before I started dancing with Sharon but she explains things in a way that anyone can catch on to, and she’ll explain it over and over in different ways until her students do get it.  She creates a very positive, supportive and cooperative learning environment.  The dance is addicting and life-affirming.  If you are at all curious, you owe it to yourself to try out one of her classes! 

Wildflower - Seattle, WA (TeachStreet)

I think you set a very good example for other instructors… (This class is) a fulfillment of all the things I’ve looked for in other classes I’ve taken but not gotten. Class with you is a lot of fun.

T. - Seattle, WA

5-starsMany teachers can show you how to dance but Shay takes it to the next level and brings out the beauty in the movement and within you. The learning atmosphere is so positive, open, and she makes each class fun and inspiring

Kat - Seattle, WA (TeachStreet)

5-starsI’m a huge fan of Shay!  Her classes are warm and inviting for the novice to the seasoned dancer.  She’s a lovely performer who loves to share her wealth of knowledge with students and the dance community alike.  Her troupe and students always put on a stunning show, and are appropriate for any venue. The bellydance community in Seattle is huge, and full of good performers, but Sharon’s troupe is the one I make sure to see at large events, and she runs the one class I recommend to everyone who has ever asked me where to get started.

C.C. - Tacoma, WA

Sukie B.

5-starsSo much fun!  I didn’t know much about belly dance and was just looking for a class that was close to home.  Lucky me, I found Sharon and ATS.  She is warm, welcoming and encouraging, and the community built around her classes is incredibly supportive.

Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or a complete beginner, I’d highly recommend taking classes with Sharon and Deep Roots Dance.  You will have a blast and most definitely find yourself coming back for more. Pros: Engaging, Encouraging, Patient, Funny, Fun Cons: N/A

Sukie B. - Seattle, WA (TeachStreet)

5-starsThe class is challenging, but she presents the curriculum in such a way that I don’t feel nervous or overwhelmed. She is so comfortable in the teaching role that she helps me to be comfortable as her student, and in fact, I feel excited about learning whatever she wants to teach.


Alysha N.

5-starsI studied Tribal Fusion bellydance with Frederique in Oakland before moving to Seattle, and I was desperately missing getting my shimmy on. I’ll be honest, I first took Shay’s class at the Phinney Neighborhood Center because it was close to my house and she answered my email, but boy howdy did I get lucky.

Shay is a great dancer, but what is more important to this review is that she is a great TEACHER as well. These two skills are not always found together. As an educator myself, I take the quality of my instruction very seriously, and Shay does not disappoint. Her instruction is clear and helpful, and her website and blog are among the best I have found in the field. The other students are kind and welcoming, and if you’re considering checking it out — DO IT! All shapes, sizes, and ages are welcome. I look forward to my class every week and need to figure out a way to go even more often.

Alysha N. - Seattle, WA

Fullerene B.

5-starsBefore finding Deep Roots, I tried belly dancing with a few different teachers and studios. My first experience in belly dancing left me mostly uninspired to move forward with the art form. A few years later I decided to pick it up again and while that teacher was a beautiful dancer, she didn’t actually give instruction on how you could become a beautiful dancer. Staring at yourself in a mirror with a room full of people behind you is not really quality teaching to me…

Okay, my Deep Roots experience: Shay is a beautiful dancer, she teaches you to become one (even though I am far from that), she is enthusiastic and makes you want to come back, she walks around the room and helps all her students, she looks at the mirrors to help you adjust, she is happy to answer questions, she has all these tips and tricks about belly dancing and all that it encompasses…  So, Shay is super awesome! If you are looking to get into belly dancing this is the place! So glad I found Deep Roots! If I were still living in Seattle, I would buy the unlimited so I can learn as much from this awesome woman as possible! But alas, I am only in Seattle once or twice a month… That being said, if the opportunity exists I still hit up the Deep Roots studio if I can 🙂

Amazing! Love this place!!!

Fullerene B.

5-starsI’ve been doing ATS for years so I can say from experience that Shay is an exceptional teacher. She is very encouraging and makes the movements accessible to even the most beginner dancer while still keeping the classes fun and interesting for more advanced dancers. I encourage anyone who is looking to try a new form of movement in a supportive environment to take classes with Shay. The connections and support she encourages between her students is beautiful.

Melissa G. - Santa Fe, NM

Your passion for the dance really comes through in your performance and in your teaching. It’s very inspiring!

C. - Sebastopol, CA (Tribal Fest workshop attendee

I recently sponsored Sharon in a 2-day workshop in Canada, and she was fantastic. Challenged both beginners and the more advanced dancers, taught lots of great new material and subtle nuances to the more familiar stuff … great vibe all weekend. You guys are going to have a great time!

Workshop Host - Kamloops, BC

We had so many people tell us how much they enjoyed your workshops as well as all of us (troupe members) having a great time and being in awe of your teaching skills and funness (I know, I am making up words all over the place today…must be in the tea I’m drinking),so we just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated you coming to teach, and we hope to do it again in the future.

Cindy Bear, workshop host - Spokane, WA

Just basking in the after glow of an amazing weekend! Just returned from a weekend workshop with Sharon Moore and her friend Gen in Kamloops B.C. The music, moves, atmosphere, exercise, socializing, purchasing and buying some more… it’s all such a wonderful memory!

I loved it, loved it, and then I really enjoyed myself! I figured out awhile ago that Egyptian wasn’t it for me, although beautiful I was looking for something different and Sharon Moore style is definitely “IT”.

(Shay is a) teacher that brings you the whole package in a style that makes you feel comfortable yet challenged at the same time! Those of you who know me know that it is rare for me to be at a loss for words but I really cannot explain how much this style of dance speaks to what I have been looking for.

A BC Dancer - Langley, BC

After taking your workshop at 3rd Coast…..I am going to become a junkie, I can feel it. That was the most awesome workshop I took the whole weekend. I had more fun in that workshop than all others combined!! You guys are ‘da bomb!!!

Texas Fan - Dallas, TX

Great class, awesome instructor. Very fun. I am thinking about making this my ‘go to’ exercise class! Nothing is better than having fun while you are working it out!

G.M. - Seattle, WA (LivingSocial)

The instructor, Shay, is very knowledgeable, positive and welcoming. She made it a great experience for students of all shapes, sizes and ability levels. Glad I learned about this great place with such a fantastic Living Social deal.

K. - Seattle, WA (LivingSocial)

I can’t believe how FUN it was! I was terrified of group improv before your workshop, and now I can’t wait to play with it more. You made it so accessible, and your sense of humor kept my spirits high even when my energy was running low (you kicked our butts!) Thanks for a fantastic weekend.

Stacey B. - Kamloops, BC

You are a great teacher! I felt you were aware of everyone in the room, even in such a large group, and gave your attention to whoever needed it. I loved the individual attention, and the pacing was perfect. What a wonderful, enjoyable workshop.

Teresa J. - Billings, MT

You are fun, entertaining, and genuine. I really enjoyed learning from you–you are one of the best workshop teachers I have ever taken from! Thank you.

K.T. - Winnipeg, Manitoba

Many of us attended your workshop, and took more than dance technique away. Your open and inviting attitude towards dance has become an essential part of our philosophy of dance. It is a wonderful gift that we will never be able to thank you enough.

AJ - Winnipeg, Manitoba

Your workshop Sunday was by far the best one I took all weekend. Too bad I put so much energy into the workshop just before yours that I could barely move. But your notes are so clear that I didn’t miss a thing. What I love about your dancing is the perfect combination of classic tribal moves with whatever is au courant. BRAVO !!!!!!!!

Portland Fan - Portland, OR

5-starsExcellent Teacher With Awesome Hair I’ve been dancing with Sharon since 2002 or so and can’t say enough good things about her tribal classes: the solid foundation in dance basics and the dedication to breaking steps down in a comprehensible and meaningful way were what caught me–in that I felt like I was actually building a skill set as opposed to just swanning around in a coin belt for an hour a week–but what’s kept me in her classes has been the attitude towards the dance. She is very dedicated to her students and to their growth as dancers, as well as to the larger tribal community, and her passion and excitement for this art are apparent in every single class she teaches. She is funny and gracious and encouraging, and, as abovementioned, has very excellent hair.  I feel that excellent hair in a dance teacher can only bode well, don’t you?

Chiara - (TeachStreet)